Jada York began with The YAC in April of 2023. With a passion for youth, substance misuse awareness and mental health advocacy, Jada was drawn to The YAC mission. She began by supporting healthy youth recreational activities in summer of 2023. Since then she has began facilitating two peer based suicide prevention groups known as HOPE Squad, one at Meadows Valley school and the other at Heartland. She also provides administrative support to the Executive Director and puts together The YAC monthly newsletter.

As a wife, mother, and person in long term recovery Jada believes that joy is a must in life and it is important to find it within ourselves and our lives. She believes that if we are unable to find joy in everyday life then we may allow ourselves to be consumed by everyday stressors. Jada thinks finding joy in your morning coffee, the laugh of your child, or grass under your feet teaches us gratitude and how each day can be a blessing if we let it. Jada enjoys finding joy with her family everyday and while taking her family on new adventures, seeing her kids experience things for the first time. They find joy in sledding, hiking, camping, lake days, and watching the sunset after dinner. She welcomes each of you to find one thing a day that brings you joy, to engage your senses in what is making you feel that joy, and to hold onto it.