Aerin Anderson has been with YAC since November of 2022. Aerin was first introduced to YAC through a youth summit in her freshman year of high school. She was drawn to the kindness of the adults that set great examples of honorable character. Six years later, she now manages the Planet Youth Instagram and is the graphic designer for posts to educate, inspire, and build confidence in the youth of our community! Aerin is passionate about creating awareness of mental health and being the example that she needed when she was younger. 

 Aerin is energized by her adventurous lifestyle and passionate creativity. She enjoys exploring old western trails in the mountains of Hells Canyon on horseback with her father. She loves crocheting, animals, and praising the Lord with her original music. Her tidiness, planner, relationship with Jesus, and journaling is her way to sustain positive mental health. She believes the foundation of self-care is found in the values and character one chooses to become. For Aerin, self-care isn’t a spa date, it’s one’s outlook on the world. She takes care of herself by holding her thoughts captive and kicking negativity in the butt as soon as she notices it. This way of thinking is her support system for everything in her life. 

“Whether we want to admit it or not, all of us are influencing and setting examples with every action. Self-care isn’t just about yourself, it’s also about those around you too.”