Jennifer Caple went to McCall Donnelly highschool and was a student participant in YAC back in 1996. She moved back to McCall and joined McCall Memorial hospital in 2003 after earning her masters degree in social work.

Along with the mentoring mother’s program, the children’s community medical fund, the payette lakes after school program and the cancer support fund she also became vice president of YAC and served in the organization for 10 years. Jennifer is passionate about the youth and mental health and well being in valley county. Jennifer currently has a 6th grade daughter and 8th grade son who both attend the McCall-Donnelly school district.

Jennifer rejoined YAC two years ago and also helps with planet youth, the hope squad and works as a school counselor at heartland high school and McCall mountain community school. With a strong passion for youth and mental health advocacy, Jennifer was always drawn to The YAC mission.

As a wife, mother, and community member Jennifer wants all kids to have equal access to free health care, mentorship and mental health resources. “Being part of YAC is one way to ensure that kids in our community can be happy, healthy and get their needs met especially if they are falling through any gaps.” Jennifer strives to go above and beyond to make sure no kid is left behind and is seen, heard and helped if ever in need.

Aside from owning her private counseling practice Elevate 208, Jennifer spends her free time traveling to hockey, football, basketball and volleyball events with her kids and husband and 2 Frenchies. She is passionate about traveling the world and connecting with her family.