Living the quiet life in the small town of Cambridge Deidre wears many hats, she is known for her passion for photography and helping grow local small businesses with her marketing skills. When Deidre is not behind the lens or working with her marketing team or in a meeting with clients, she is spending her time keeping up with her eight-year-old son, her husband, and dogs. Deidre is not only passionate about her photos and marketing but her love of family and friends. She is often found visiting her parents’ home in the mountains grounding herself with nature enjoying the scenery of perhaps another creative idea.

A new adventure for Deidre has been creating the Tri-Valley Community & Youth Co-Op, Deidre Roundtree, is the founder and Director of the Tri Valley Community & Youth Co-Op which includes Cambridge, Midvale and Indian Valley. She is a community leader, business owner, volunteer, and a resident of Cambridge Idaho. She has experienced the lack of awareness around mental health struggles and wellness and available resources in rural communities, Deidre was inspired to become a professional resource and communications specialist in all surrounding communities. The Co-Op was created to provide the communities with resources they need when faced with negative social issues which can affect many of us in some way.

Her unique perspective and passion toward youth and the people living in our area has her working hard trying to get the word out about the dangers in our world that threaten our children and families. With a background in marketing, photography and graphic design she brings energy and enthusiasm to the projects she pursues.