We are excited to begin a new segment in our monthly newsletter, helping you get to know our team!

    This month we are thrilled to highlight Shannon McKnight. Shannon has been connected to YAC for around 4 years. She helps plan YAC community events and builds connections with other local agencies. Shannon is also the McCall-Donnelly Planet Youth Coalition Coordinator, helping their communities use local youth survey data to create a working plan that supports community improvement for the youth.

    Shannon moved to McCall in 1977 and attended school from kindergarten to her senior graduation in the McCall-Donnelly School District. She always knew she wanted to raise her kids here. Shannon and her husband, Douglas married in Roseberry in 2005 and now have 3 amazing kids. One of their family rules that encourages connectedness is that they always eat dinner at the table as a family, and no technology is allowed at the dinner table. Shannon attends as many of her kids’ sporting events as possible and learns every athlete’s name on their teams. Shannon believes youth need to know adults unrelated to them care enough to get to know them and share their interests. She enjoys finding things she has in common with others and connecting individuals and groups who share common ground to help build a stronger community for all.